Early Start Computer Science Program in the College of Natural Sciences

We are thrilled to have almost 40 underrepresented students participating in our new early start program. During early start week, the students focused on computer science and community building activities, and in an anonymous survey, all reported that they were grateful for the experience. Here are some of their comments: 

“Knowing that there are people I can communicate with, hang out with, and go to when I need someone to talk to… I’ve already relied on my friends from the community so much and they’ve relied on me. I was worried about being able to talk and interact with others, but now I don’t have that issue.” 

“A lot of us actually don’t know how college works and we’re all figuring out together.” 

“Biggest takeaway was knowing WHY we moved in earlier. Yeah, it might have been hard to move away from my family earlier than normal, but I think being able to move in earlier helped me create better bonds with people.” 

“I am not alone and am surrounded by a very great support system, from friends to mentors and advisors.” 

“I want to get involved in research.” 

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“Thank You!” from the Richardson Design Center and the College of Health & Human Sciences

We were thrilled to welcome the Green and Gold Foundation to the first ever tailgate at the Nancy Richardson Design Center (RDC) at Colorado State University. Gathering on the Green and Gold Foundation Terrace was a great way to celebrate together, and to show gratitude for the generosity that helped CSU create an iconic building and a hub for collaboration, learning and design thinking.

The RDC exists to bring together students, faculty, and community partners from all disciplines to address 21st century challenges in a creative and collaborative environment. The RDC’s robust maker spaces and design thinking curriculum are open to all students at CSU. In the Spring 2019 semester, we launched our 12-credit undergraduate certificate in Design Thinking as a beneficial add-on to any major or degree. The Design Thinking program addresses the unmet demand at CSU for interdisciplinary “hands-on” learning that develops the skills and mindsets employers are seeking: creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative communication. To date, more than 150 students representing more than 50 different majors from all eight colleges have enrolled in our classes. In small groups with a variety of perspectives, students in our foundation course tackled “real world” projects for clients like Habitat for Humanity, Larimer County Food Bank, and Target Corporation. 

In support of community outreach, the RDC offered professional development workshops to Poudre School District K-12 teachers during the summer and taught them how to use design thinking to Hack the Classroom. Additionally, we have been hosting workshops with students from several area K-12 schools. 

“Thank you for teaching them (and me)… it was clear their understanding of the design thinking process was strengthened a great deal. Several students wrote about their greater understanding of why empathy is so important, their understanding of symptom versus root cause, and their understanding of this as a creative process.” 

Tim Hanauer, Fossil Ridge High School 

On campus, the RDC is connecting with student clubs and offering design challenges including the Virtual Reality Club and the RamRealty Hack-a-Thon as well as co-sponsored activities with the Institute for Entrepreneurship in the School of Business. This fall, there will be two new exhibits in the Design Exchange, our versatile gallery space and main entrance area. The first, RED {DRESS} is a student and faculty apparel design showcase opening in late September. Then, RED (AGAIN) will be an exhibit of rare Russian posters co-sponsored by the Art Department opening mid-October. 

Thank you, Green and Gold Foundation! 

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“Thank You!” from Beth with the College of Business’ Global Business Academy

Dear Green and Gold Foundation members, 

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for your contributions to make your 2019 Global Business Academy a resounding success! 

Your support helped us welcome a talented, diverse class of more than 50 students to the College of Business from 11 different states and 13 different countries spanning from Brazil to Singapore, the UK, Italy the Caribbean and more! Clearly, our program is gaining in reputation. This year, we had over 190 applications. You also helped provide scholarships to students from underrepresented and economically disadvantaged communities in Colorado, as well as around the whole world, enabling them to experience new perspectives. Thank you! 

Your engagement had a transformative and direct impact on the lives of our incredible students. In less than two weeks our students gained an understanding of international business relationships, how to put entrepreneurship principles to use, what it takes to lead a team, the importance of ethics, how to practice financial literacy, as well as so many other life lessons they picked up along the way. Here are just a few of the comments students shared about their experience: 


Isabella came to the Global Business Academy from her home in Columbia, and had her first experience exploring mountains at CSU’s campus in the Rockies. She had this to say: 

“This summer camp was eye-opening. I learned things I would have never guessed would impact my life. I am sure – and not afraid – to say that being part of this program is probably the best experience I have had.” 

Darragh shared how he was surprised at how the hands-on and rigorous curriculum didn’t feel like regular school work, but instead: 

“We were putting what we learned into practice almost immediately… I was able to learn so much from the many lecturers that taught us about our negotiation, personal finance, marketing, income statements and balance sheets, equality and assumptions, customer discovery, communication and so much more.” 

Khadro, one of the students that joined us from Colorado, learned about the importance of teamwork and communication, all while making new friends. But the experience that really stuck out to her was going whitewater rafting. Although she was scared at first by the rushing river, she said that because of going through that challenge, 

“I can face my fears without hesitation.” 

A powerful tool for a highschooler with dreams of opening a hospital in her home country of Somalia. 


At the end of the Global Business Academy, the number of students who said they were interested in seeking a business education was over 90% – nearly double from just over 45% at the beginning of the camp. We are so proud of what our students accomplished this summer. We know that they will use what they learned to inform their academic careers and ultimately use business to make the world a better place. 

And, last but not least, we wanted to share some photos of the 2019 Global Business Academy! 

Building on this success, we are already making plans for the 2020 Global Business Academy. If you are interested in helping us continue to develop this innovative program, here is how you can stay up to date on next year’s academy and help promote the program: 

  • Let potential students, parents or supporters know about the program. 
  • Visit our website for the latest information. We anticipate posting the date for next year’s program later this fall.
  • As always, you can reach out to me or our program team at cob_globalbizacademy@colostate.edu with any questions. 

We are so appreciative of your continued support and engagement with the College of Business and look forward to sharing next year’s highlights with you. 

Thank you,


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Denver Metro Scholarship

The Denver Metro Scholarship, sponsored by the Green and Gold Foundation, Colorado State University’s Alumni Association, is designed to help families struggling with the financial burden that comes with pursuing a college education. Two of our recipients, Brandon Rauchfuss and Chaos Faulder, share their stories below. 

“Growing up my family often struggled to make ends meet. I went to high school full-time as well as often working 40-hour weeks. I saved just enough to put myself through the first semester of community college while still working full-time. I realized I needed to find a way to pay for the rest of my college education, so I joined the Army and found that I loved serving my country. My wife selflessly put her education on hold in order to work full-time so I could quit my job and achieve my goals of graduating from CSU with a degree in Biochemistry and fully plunging myself into the demanding schedule of ROTC. The Denver Metro Scholarship has helped my family’s financial situation tremendously and is allowing me to take part in one of the most prestigious human anatomy courses in the country. It is my hope that upon graduation I can help veterans with my services as a reconstructive plastic surgeon.” – Brandon Rauchfuss 

“More than anything,  I wanted to graduate and move on to graduate school, ideally still at CSU , and be able to help people. I want to work with people who might not otherwise have access to mental health resources, and I believe that working through a K-12 public school would be an ideal way to do this. I also want to work on changing the current narrative around mental health at schools, and and remove some of the stigma and lack of accessibility. However, monetary restrictions make this very difficult, and due to my limited finances at this time, this scholarship will help me to stay in school and focus more on my academics. I hope to use my degree in Psychology to help others, so this generous gift I am receiving will hopefully continue on through me and help change the lives of many more individuals.” – Chaos Faulder 

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