Denver Metro Scholarship

The Denver Metro Scholarship, sponsored by the Green and Gold Foundation, Colorado State University’s Alumni Association, is designed to help families struggling with the financial burden that comes with pursuing a college education. Two of our recipients, Brandon Rauchfuss and Chaos Faulder, share their stories below. 

“Growing up my family often struggled to make ends meet. I went to high school full-time as well as often working 40-hour weeks. I saved just enough to put myself through the first semester of community college while still working full-time. I realized I needed to find a way to pay for the rest of my college education, so I joined the Army and found that I loved serving my country. My wife selflessly put her education on hold in order to work full-time so I could quit my job and achieve my goals of graduating from CSU with a degree in Biochemistry and fully plunging myself into the demanding schedule of ROTC. The Denver Metro Scholarship has helped my family’s financial situation tremendously and is allowing me to take part in one of the most prestigious human anatomy courses in the country. It is my hope that upon graduation I can help veterans with my services as a reconstructive plastic surgeon.” – Brandon Rauchfuss 

“More than anything,  I wanted to graduate and move on to graduate school, ideally still at CSU , and be able to help people. I want to work with people who might not otherwise have access to mental health resources, and I believe that working through a K-12 public school would be an ideal way to do this. I also want to work on changing the current narrative around mental health at schools, and and remove some of the stigma and lack of accessibility. However, monetary restrictions make this very difficult, and due to my limited finances at this time, this scholarship will help me to stay in school and focus more on my academics. I hope to use my degree in Psychology to help others, so this generous gift I am receiving will hopefully continue on through me and help change the lives of many more individuals.” – Chaos Faulder