Early Start Computer Science Program in the College of Natural Sciences

We are thrilled to have almost 40 underrepresented students participating in our new early start program. During early start week, the students focused on computer science and community building activities, and in an anonymous survey, all reported that they were grateful for the experience. Here are some of their comments: 

“Knowing that there are people I can communicate with, hang out with, and go to when I need someone to talk to… I’ve already relied on my friends from the community so much and they’ve relied on me. I was worried about being able to talk and interact with others, but now I don’t have that issue.” 

“A lot of us actually don’t know how college works and we’re all figuring out together.” 

“Biggest takeaway was knowing WHY we moved in earlier. Yeah, it might have been hard to move away from my family earlier than normal, but I think being able to move in earlier helped me create better bonds with people.” 

“I am not alone and am surrounded by a very great support system, from friends to mentors and advisors.” 

“I want to get involved in research.”