The Green and Gold Foundation is committed to playing an important part in contributing to the education of our nation’s youth and producing future leaders. We want to invest in CSU programs that will benefit those who will truly make a difference in whatever field they enter. I hope you join us in accomplishing this goal!

–Erik Olson, President

Member Driven

Our members and volunteers choose the direction and focus of our organization


Members will elect a board, directed by bylaws, which will focus the direction.


Members will vote on which gifting is appropriate from a selection of possible options.


G&G’s vision is to make a positive impact in the CSU community both professionally and personally through impactful giving. We wish to be of service and commitment to Colorado State University with accountability to our founding principles of giving, commitment and relationships. We also want to be a key partner of Colorado State University in maintaining and improving its reputation as a world-class institution and the best in Colorado.


Our mission is to provide networking and directed educational or athletic gifting for a select group of business oriented professionals with affiliations to Colorado State University. We are a PRIVATE foundation, while still being connected with Colorado State University. We envision a membership comprised of Colorado State University’s most distinguished and passionate alumni and friends.

2016 Donations

College of Business Scholarship - (2016-2017): $ 5000 dollars
Alumni Association - Metro Denver Scholarship Fund - (2016-2020): $ 25000 dollars
Athletics - Green & Gold Foundation Athletics Scholarship - (2016-2020): $ 50000 dollars
Total donated thus far: $ 80000 dollars

The Green and Gold Foundation provides a unique opportunity to join together and network with leaders in the community, who not only have a common bond, but also share a unified vision to make a difference.

25% to Endowment

25% to Endowment
The vision is to grow this through the years and to create a substantive endowment that can be used as the Green and Gold Foundation board sees fit for the benefit of the longer term vision of Colorado State University.

25% to Development

25% to Development
Our goal is to have 3 or 4 marquee events per year geared towards foundation member networking. Events are meant to create a professional networking environment with executive level members who share a passion for CSU. In 2015 alone, we provided an exclusive golf event at Frost Creek Golf Club, three suites at the CSU vs. CU football game, and two cocktail networking events.

50% to CSU

50% to CSU
We will be soliciting from CSU Academic departments, and what needs they have for funds in the coming year. Ideally we would like to provide the Green and Gold Foundation board with several key initiatives in several different areas (annually) within the University that are seeking funds. The membership will vote each year at our annual member meeting on the best allocation of our gift.